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Order Forms

Chadron Lumber specializes in special orders. That way you, the customer, receives exactly what is desired.  Click on the links below to start the ordering process today!  

Open an account with us

With approval, businesses and individuals may conduct business with a business credit application or personal credit application.  



1) ALL ACCOUNTS ARE DUE IN FULL BY THE 10TH OF EACH MONTH      FOLLOWING THE BILLING DATE.  Our regular billing date is the last          day of each month.  This is not a revolving credit plan - no minimum            payments are allowed. 

2)  A finance charge is imposed on any balance that has been billed and        not paid by the 30th of the month.  The current finance charge is 1.5%        per month of the outstanding balance.  

3) If legal action becomes necessary, other costs or attorney's fees may be    added to your account.  A court of competent jurisdiction would impose      these charges. 

4) Account charging priviledges will be suspended on accounts 30 days        past due until the past due amount is paid.  Repeated late payments or      unjustified issues with billing in order to avoid payment in full may result      in closing your account.


Chadron Lumber Company is always looking for highly qualified employees with knowledge in construction and building materials.  If interested, click for an employee application.  

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